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07 de diciembre de 2017

What do you recommend when people are traveling? Travel Tips Requested.

I just found myself "selling" iNaturalist to a guy looking for advice for his summer trip to Ireland.

I gave him a link to the Ireland list here and recommended he review the list and download the app in the event he is interested in nature to any extent. For me, iNaturalist provides an "in hand" guide to "strange things" and "stranger things" seen in another county, state, and/or country. And all my hard work researching flowers and birds is made SO MUCH EASIER.

Is anyone else sharing the app in this way? If so, do you have any other suggestions?

For a small country like Ireland, the list, so far, isn't too much to manage. I only thought of it because I started reviewing lists of amphibians before heading out anywhere (then birds, flowers, insects, spiders...).

Just thought I would ask if anyone had any additional tips for this kind of iNaturalist use.

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16 de diciembre de 2017

December Amphibian Watch at Berry Springs Park

We monitored a day early to avoid the cold/wet weather expected tomorrow. One Blanchard's Cricket Frog was observed early in the monitoring session. We observed one Great Blue Heron and later heard it call as it flew to the other side of the pond. A Belted Kingfisher called a number of times. We heard a coyote make a strangled sort of cry and it was answered by area dogs. A Nine-banded Armadillo was observed near the boardwalk on the back side of the pond near the creek. Crayfish and ray-finned fish were also observed in the water along the back side of the pond.

Mikef451 gave us a tour of the area of the pond where he has observed beaver evidence and has captured beaver and nutria photos.

The group then gathered back in the parking lot where we observed one satellite and the International Space Station passing overhead.

These gatherings in the park are always interesting whether the frogs are out in numbers or not.

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19 de diciembre de 2017

Ponds on Witter Lane - after recent rain

I couldn't wait to get to the ponds to see how "refreshed" they might be in light of the good rain we had. At the beginning of the drive there was a Great Egret feeding in one of the ponds that had not quite dried up before the rain (North west part of property). On the other side of the road a little further south (what we call the turtle pond because we have counted almost 20 turtles sunning on logs in the past) was a Great Blue Heron.

After the turn to the west I observed another Great Egret and a Great Blue Heron on the far pond as well as a number - 20 or so ducks. They were too far away for this neophyte birder to id (and the binoculars kept fogging).

The "special" moment of the trip was the amazing flock of doves. I counted almost 200 in one tree. There were also doves along the utility wires, the fences, and in other trees. I have not see anything like that before. The majority of these doves were White-winged doves. I did not tarry as I gave up on the binos.

I also saw a couple of Mockingbirds, but didn't get any photos.

It was a relief to see some water in the ponds again as over half had dried up. It will take more rain to replenish all the ponds, but we should see a good deal of activity at the ponds for a while.

[Generally see one egret and one heron in this location. Have not seen the Belted Kingfisher that is often sited later in the day at the turtle pond]

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Ponds on Witter Lane - ANOTHER rain and a BIG SURPRISE

I talked MPF into driving me (I can see more and get out of the car some) to see if the additional rain had continued to improve birding on the ponds.

We immediately observed and American Kestrel (no photo) on the utility wires, then an American Crow on the opposite side of the road.

A ridiculous number (500+) birds were feeding in the meadows --flying up and settling again. I made no attempt to photograph them because we spied a large raptor in a tree and I was trying to get a good look at it. I thought it might be a Bald Eagle. Since I have never seen one in the wild, I wasn't sure and so we tried to get a better view and perhaps some photos. It had to be a Bald Eagle. I sent photos to my brother (my go-to expert on the wild) and he concurred.

We also observed more White-winged doves (as we did yesterday) and a few Inca Doves.

One Mocking bird flew by - too fast for a photo.

We stopped to identify ducks on one of the ponds and I was relieved to find 30+ Mallards, ducks I know.

Our final view was what we believe to be Brown-headed Cowbirds.

We only have bad photos of the eagle, mallards, and cowbirds.

Two turtles were in the turtle pond. NO EGRETS OR HERONS that we could see present today.

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20 de diciembre de 2017

Blast from the Past

I just added 40+ observations from 2015 - from a weekend on the Frio and from a wildlife management area where I sometimes hike. It's a reminder I need to get out at more and different times in the places I love.

I should note that these photos were not taken with an eye for an "observation," but to illustrate other things. I've gotten a bit better. I still refuse to harass the wildlife.

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23 de diciembre de 2017

Almost Christmas at the ponds

I've taken three trips to the ponds in three days. I spotted a woodpecker (Red Bellied - no photo - too far away) two days ago and yesterday watched a Kestrel performing EXACTLY the hover I had watched on a video. As a poor birder (I always relied on the family experts who are either gone now or who live far away) I am having to make up for my laziness - hence the bird videos.

Today I had errands to run before kids arrived for the holiday...but there was time to check the ponds. It was the usual cast of characters (although I probably missed more than a few because I was driving). A couple of Crows perched near the road. The Great Egret and Great Blue Heron were fishing in the far ponds. There were ducks on a pond, but I am not good at ducks and had left the binoculars at home. A hawk surveyed the fields and I figured it was the Red-shouldered Hawk I have seen here before.

A Cardinal flew across the road and then posed for me in the trees. I do think of Cardinals as Christmas birds and messengers from those who taught me to love the wild.

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