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14 de febrero de 2018

More Visits to Ponds

The Great Egret has been gone for over a week. One Great Blue Heron patrols the far pond. Shoveler Ducks have been obvious on a couple of the slowly drying ponds. We generally see at least two American Kestrels and one Red-shouldered Hawk. There is an occasional mockingbird and often a flock of Meadow Larks around. Crows from 1 to 30 patrol the area. Today there were Cedar Waxwings well away from a good photo, but there nevertheless.

Then there are the LBB (Little Black and Little Brown birds) "chisme birds." They often come out of nowhere. Sometimes they are clearly grackles or starlings. But I didn't know the chisme birds today. They sat in the tree and "gossiped" - probably about me.

I love these rag-tag ponds, but the minimal rain we have gotten will not be enough for the birds. It is time for some rain.

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19 de febrero de 2018

Finally - Frog Voices!

Our trip to San Antonio had been cancelled (on account of rain - don't know if they even got rain) so we headed down to Georgetown early. First we went to Mankins Crossing where we sought some rare birds (we often don't know what we are looking at - especially when we are talking LBBs). Instead we saw the shallows full of Killdeer (15+), Greater Yellow Legs (3), and many, many peeps. Just as we were turning to go back to the car we saw two Great Egrets fly around, landing in the river.

Because we were early at Berry Springs Park, we headed to look at the Beaver Lodge. There we observed the (almost) resident Great Blue Heron. The heron startled and flew into a nearby tree and posed for some amazing sunset photos. Three Pied-billed Grebes - again almost residents - were feeding at the pond.

I tarted hearing Rio Grande Leopard Frogs calling about 6:15 PM. They continued calling until we started recording. I have a couple of "brrrm" calls, but have not figured out if I will be able to download (new phone - different app). I did see three very large (4 inches +) tadpoles in the shallows and got one decent photo. We suspect, because of the size, these are American Bullfrog tadpoles. They all appeared to be in good shape with no anomalies.

This was a good way to start the season.

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27 de febrero de 2018

It was a sunny day

At last the sun came out. We've been fighting one minor virus after another (at least we have missed the flu - knock wood) and felt a little better today. So I headed out to the ponds on Witter Lane (on my way to class) to see how they had been impacted and what creatures might be out. The turtle pond (east tank) was teaming with ducks (no binos so I don't know), 13 turtles sunning themselves, one Great Egret perched on a fallen log, and the cormorant. I suppose I could search back to the last time I saw the cormorant here, but I'm not sure that it matters. I was thrilled to see the cormorant, perched lower on the same log. A kestrel was surveying the area and I believe there was a Great Blue Heron on the banks of another tank. It was crouching low. I need to get the binoculars back in my car.

After my class I drove past a number of dead skunks so I turned back to record them I have seen a number of dead skunks on this section of road recently. Before that there were a series of raccoons. I'm not sure what is causing the movement of these animals. There is water to be found on both sides of the road and enough open land still that I would expect plenty of food on each side of the the highway.

Each "turn around" provided additional observations.The first another dead skunk on the paved shoulder immediately across from the street I used. The second time I took advantage of a small cemetery where killdeer and a grackle were feeding among the tombstones.

No trip is ever direct anymore. I always have to schedule in extra time.

Tuesday 2-27-18

I stopped for no roadkill today.

But of course I stopped at the pond. There were TWO cormorants at the turtle pond as well as the Great Egret, ducks, and other creatures. The spiderwebs on the fence were highlighted by the mist. I stopped and attempted photos (gathered in a generic orb weaver observation).

They were burning brush. I suppose it was a matter of taking advantage of the wet weather to have the bonfire. I hope it will show in at least one of the spider shots.

That's it. It was a misty day. The ponds were the same and so different. My daily visits matter - at least to me. Everyone needs a spot like this.

[And I need to remember to put the binoculars back in the car!]

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