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29 de junio de 2018

A Great Week for Herons

Three days ago we saw four herons in Yettie Polk Park, Belton, Bell County, Texas. On our normal early morning walks we might see one or two GBH, but on the 26th we saw one GBH, one Yellow-crowned Night Heron, and two Green Herons. We were quite pleased with ourselves, especially as the rising sun usually makes it difficult to see the birds. But today we saw 9 herons (2 GBH, 2 YCNH, 5 GH) and hardly know how to act. I was able to take "recognizable" photos of some of the birds for the purposes of iNaturalist, but I have documented all but the final "fly over" in my personal writing.

[There were squirrels, pigeons, cats, ducks, geese and normal observations too. We also saw cardinals that chipped at us and refused photography. One young Red-shouldered hawk was also moving from tree to tree and hiding in the foliage. Still, wonderful, if miserably hot mornings.]

What a day!

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