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06 de abril de 2019

Drafted to Lead a Hike - At MY Park - No Problem [Mini-Blitz at Berry Springs]

I received a "last minute" request (Cub Scouts) to lead a hike at Berry Springs. It's supposed to be tomorrow. So I began my preparation. Mike, Zelda, and I headed to the BSP this morning to "take the hike" and see what we could see. I didn't make this "method" up. I learned this from my mother when I was grown and commenting on how I was always so impressed that she knew all the wildflowers when she took us for a hike (Girl Scouts). "Well, I always went out the day before and identified everything I could so I would be ready for the hike," she confessed. Wow! Of course she did. And I have followed suit.

But with Berry Springs it always seems that a weather front of some kind arrives between the reconnaissance and the actual hike - every single time. We are expecting some wild weather - rain, thunderstorms, hail, maybe tornadoes, and more rain.

I'm in pretty close communication with the scout leader and suggested that we could always meet somewhere with a big table - library, restaurant, whatever - and I could share the information the scouts need for their badge/arrow points and maybe give them a virtual hike.

So, These observations are duplicative - some of my last trip to BSP. But I am keeping them together for the purposes of this hike and hikes to come. After this weekend I will have 1) Early Spring virtual hike in the can (on a thumb drive), 2) the start of a wildflower/bird/insect guide for this park for Spring, 3) the start of an Invasive Species at BSP and what we are doing about them, and 4) Why I am a master naturalist, what that means, and what we do.

This is what happens when you say "Yes!" Always say "YES!"

[And we saw a number of new things (to us) and "firsts" for some of us. It's always a good day for a hike.]

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30 de abril de 2019

Evening on the Prairie

After recent rains and with the warmer weather the frogs and toads have started calling at my friend's property. I finally had a chance to go out and listen to the calls and attempt to figure out which creatures are there. She had heard Narrow-mouthed toads last week, but they weren't calling last night. I was surprised to hear no leopard frogs. We are in an area where the Southern and Rio Grande ranges overlap, but there were no calls.

In addition to wildflowers, milkweed, insects (including one Monarch caterpillar) and such we heard Gulf Coast Toads CI-2, Chorus Frogs (Spotted, maybe?) CI - 1, Blanchard's Cricket Frogs CI -3, and American Bullfrogs CI-1.

One thrilling moment was when a couple of Green Herons flew over just before dusk and an American Beaver began to swim and feed within our sight. My photos are terrible, but enough for an identification. We think we may have figured out where the lodge may be.

The mosquitoes chased us inside.

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