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05 de marzo de 2020

Wild Weather

Thunderstorms followed by strong winds made me curious. I had to see what was happening on Witter Lane. The wind was too strong for most birds. The vultures were flying - and a few cormorants. Later in the day I saw egrets, ducks, and a Red-shouldered hawk...and a few other small birds. Most were still taking some shelter.

One the first drive through I noted few birds and MANY turtles - three on the move (one snapper and two Red-eared sliders). No road rescue was necessary although I did block traffic fro a bit.

Then I turned for home just in time to see one of the large dead trees at the tank on the inside corner fall with a swoop and splash. I'm going to miss that tree. I've photographed so many birds there. I just had to write something to mark its passing.

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14 de marzo de 2020

What to do during a pandemic

Get your dog and go for a drive. If that is not enough, take a hike in the park. Remember to stay 6 feet from any other hikers, walkers, dog walkers, skate boarders, and definitely stay away from the exercising mothers who were maintaining NO social separation.

Z and I had a great time documenting the changing population at Witter Lane and early spring at Yettie Polk Park.

It was a special treat to see the Bald Eagle hunting at the tank where I regularly see it on a grey/misty day. I heard the Red-shouldered hawk, but never saw it.

The ponds were alive with all the calls - Red-winged Blackbirds, the eagle, Eastern Phoebes, Greater Yellowlegs, ducks, Killdeer and more. Usually I mourn the coming of spring as I will see and photograph fewer birds when the trees all leaf-out. But now that I am birding more and more by ear I may miss the photos, but not the birds.

The wildflowers are just starting their bloom. I'm hoping to take the family to Cedar Creek tomorrow to see what's budding/blooming.

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