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21 de noviembre de 2019

Chinsegut Wildlife Day!

Chinsegut Wildlife Day, created in 2016, is organized by Gina Long, Director at Chinsegut Conservation Center and Alice Mary Herden, FWC Volunteer and professional sports and nature photographer.

The focus of the event is to bring more awareness not only to Chinsegut Conservation Center but also to other beautiful areas Hernando County has to offer. Chinsegut Wildlife Day allows the public to meet those who maintain and oversee Hernando’s natural areas and preserve ecosystems to benefit wildlife. The event is a great way for Florida residents and visitors to learn about the diversity of habitats in Florida, the agencies who manage them and how to take personal action to protect wildlife. A diversity of live wildlife may also be viewed during this event allowing an up-close look at some of Florida’s fascinating fauna.

“Thank you for joining us for this event, and we hope you will be inspired to continue learning more about Florida's wildlife.” Alice Mary Herden

Saturday, March 7, 2020 | Brooksville, FL | Chinsegut Conservation Center

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