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29 de septiembre de 2022


I walked for about 40 minutes around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. It was a nice morning for a walk--it was perfect light jacket weather. It was sunny, slightly chilly, and the air was very crisp. I walk around here a lot, but usually I don't look at all the surrounding biodiversity. I took a lot of pictures in the beginning, but then I started spacing them out and really focusing on what stuck out to me. I didn't know what a lot of the organisms were, but I tried my best to match them with the suggestions. I loved seeing some of the plants starting to change color with the seasons. I tried thinking of which plants might be the same species, but they are just different colors because they change at different periods of time. I personally got most excited when I saw a turtle in the water! I like taking balanced walks where some of the time I look at the nature around me but some of the time I just forget about all of my surroundings.

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