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28 de noviembre de 2022


I took a walk to and around the Reservoir. It was nice and sunny out with brisker wind by the Res. I was only wearing a light jacket most of the day, but I put on my coat as it felt pretty cold being outside for a long time. I kept hearing bird chirps, but it was hard to find the individuals that match the calls. And even when I did, it was hard to get an up close picture of them, especially as they flew off so easily. I have always seen Canadian Geese at the Res, and occasionally see some swans. I spotted those two on my walk, in addition to some Bryants and Red-breasted Mergansers. Some of the species look so similar from afar, but as I get closer, I can see marked differences and observe different behaviors and locations. I wanted to know what the animals were eating below the surface, but the Res is so wide and my camera wouldn't catch it anyways. I also looked on the other side with all the trees. To my surprise, I spotted a bald eagle. I ran into a birdwatcher who said it showed up a week ago and hasn't left since. He assumed that it likes the view of all the pond food. On my way back, I knew I could find at least one squirrel or bunny. When it was warmer, it would have been easier, but they aren't as easy to find now that it's colder. I luckily spotted a squirrel and another bird. I enjoyed getting out and giving myself a challenge, really having to look for these animals.

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