25 de agosto de 2021

Molluscs of Port Phillip Bay (project)

With iNaturalist as an invaluable resource for understanding species distributions, I have made Molluscs of Port Phillip Bay a project as well.
Working in tandem with my MoPB guide, I hope for this project to expand our knowledge of Port Phillip Bay's molluscs through a collaborative framework.
You can find the project here:

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23 de agosto de 2021

Molluscs of Port Phillip Bay (guide)

My iNaturalist guide, Molluscs of Port Phillip Bay, is now published and free to use!
Currently, it includes the majority of the larger marine mollusc species found in Port Phillip Bay. With little expertise in most opisthobranchs, cephalopods and Polyplacophora, help would be greatly appreciated :) – contact me if you'd like to be an editor.
I hope for this to be a long-term project where I can collaborate with others to better understand Port Phillip Bay as a whole. I'll be adding species, photos and info whenever possible.
Looking forward to the future of this guide and what we'll learn about Port Phillip's mollusc fauna!
Link below:

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09 de septiembre de 2020

iNaturalist in times of lockdown

As the state of Victoria goes in to Stage 4 lockdown, hindering the ability to go to my usual observation spots, iNaturalist definitely helps in curing my aching need to get out into the field.
With these restrictions not easing any time soon, iNat will continue to make lockdown that little bit less tedious — though I still find myself pondering about all the beaches I'd love to revisit.

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