Great bargains at used-book stores and thrift shops.

I spent a whopping 15 dollars on used books yesterday and acquired some real gems, in my opinion.

-Light's Manual of Intertidal Invertebrates of the Pacific Coast
3rd edition, apparently not the latest, probably taxonomically out of date, but so many keys! And so many diagrams! Cumaceans, man!

-Common Dragonflies of California
My first guide to Odonates. a small, simple, photographic guide to California species. it's a field guide that actually fits in a pocket, so bonus points for that.

-Tropical Trees of the Pacific
something about trees in the Samoas, Fiji, Hawaii, etc. it was one dollar, so even if i never use it, big whoop.

The good thing about having money again is the ability to linger around book stores and not feel guilty or like a loiterer.

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Almost all of my botanical library is from used bookstores. It's amazing. I went into a place on Irving at 9th in San Francisco and spent $25 and got over 10 books, all very high info content.

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