Taxon Swap

ATTENTION: For people who don't know; apparently, Velvet Scoter is now M.Fusca and White-winged Scoter is now M.Deglandi (They must have swapped). So when IDing White-winged Scoter use the proper taxon Melanitta deglandi

Posted on 26 de febrero de 2019 by bluejay2007 bluejay2007


It doesn't look like a taxon swap happened, at least not completely. We have Melanitta fusca, M. deglandi, M. fusca fusca, M. fusca deglandi, and M. deglandi deglandi all as active taxa at the moment. Its very confusing.

Publicado por jlayman hace alrededor de 4 años (Marca)

@jlayman For know, Surf Scoter is no longer M.fusca. It is very confusing

Publicado por bluejay2007 hace alrededor de 4 años (Marca)

I'm wondering if somebody got tired of waiting for iNat to undergo the taxon split and went and created M. deglandi taxa on their own. That could explain the nonsensical situation we have at the moment.

Publicado por jlayman hace alrededor de 4 años (Marca)

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