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19 de diciembre de 2018

Why I like hummers so much

I love hummingbirds mainly in the Genus Selasphorus. My favorite is the Rufous hummingbird. Why do I like hummingbirds so much?
It all started when I saw my first Rufous Hummingbird, I wanted to learn more about these terrific birds! If I make any mistakes on a Selasphorus observation that means I have not been catching up on my studies
All the best,

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Hello everybody! I am making a bird book about birds in Connecticut. I need some photos, so if anybody wants to share photos please message me!

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23 de diciembre de 2018

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays iNaturalists! Wishing you the best holiday and Christmas Bird Counts!
Happy Holidays!

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28 de diciembre de 2018

Irruption Year

This year is "irruption year" meaning the birds from the arctic come down to lower states in search of food. We had a 1 report of Red Crossbill and 1 report of White-winged Crossbill. Pine Siskns have been very common and Evening Grosbeaks have been very common also. By January the birds have settled in for the winter and will come to feeders and stay till March. This might be a good winter for Bohemian Waxwings in Connecticut, I have 2 red-cedars which attract many waxwings hopefully I get Bohemian Waxwings in my yard! This year isn't going to be crossbill year in my state, but you never know! Common Redpolls have been passing my I had a flock of 4 flyover. Hoary Redpolls would be amazing to see has they came last irruption year. I had a flyover Evening Grosbeak flyover my house and 6 Pine Siskins at my feeder

For more information take a look at the Winter Finch Forecast:

Good Birding!

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29 de diciembre de 2018


Hello! I went birding today with @akiley at Sherwood Island State Park. We saw a good amount of birds, the wind kept the passerine level down and it was hard to get photos. The highlight was a Razorbill, which is uncommon for this side of the sound. I managed to get a good photo of a mockingbird. I spotted a "Dovekie" which I scoped out turns out it was a small log! Dovekie is RARE on the NYC side of Long Island Sound. Later we went searching for the Saw- whet owl that was reported at Sherwood, no luck with that. We had one Horned Grebe and a bunch of goldeneyes (No Barrow's). Then I went to Jenning's Beach to see the Tufted Duck, I ended up seeing it along with 2 Male Common Eiders, Black Scoter, Lesser and Greater Scaup. and more.
Thanks for reading!
Here are the ebird checklists:
Jenning's Beach
Sherwood Island:

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