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04 de marzo de 2019


Today, we got the biggest snowstorm in Connecticut this year (winter 2018-2019). With 10.5 inches, it quickly melted.

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08 de marzo de 2019


One of the most common bird problems is birders and photographers HARASSING OWLS. Especially i they are not facing the photographer or birders way. It could really stress the bird out and could lead to death. When I enter owls on eBird I usually enter the town I saw it in.
Just making sure nobody on iNat is harassing owls!

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09 de marzo de 2019

5 birds I want to see

Hi y'all!
This Journal post is about what birds I want to see!

  1. Spoon-billed Sandpiper!
  2. Ivory-billed Woodpecker!
  3. Slaty-backed Gull!
  4. Ivory Gull!
  5. Barnacle Goose!

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18 de marzo de 2019

Domesticated pigeons

Pigeons, also called Rock doves, are common and widespread throughout North America. Rock doves have been domesticated for many of years, causing weird plumages. But note, all domesticated pigeons (including the Rock dove) have white ceres and most domesticated plumages have at least some white (excluding white ceres). The most common common problems with domesticated pigeons is that, some birders misidentify then as a different species of pigeon and or dove. The most common encountered plumage of domesticated pigeons is the "checkered form" or the natural form. The natural form, as a iridescent purple green neck and two black bars on the back. Some birds are all white, mistaken the bird for an albino variant, but note red eyes on an albino, and no red eyes on a white variant.

Hope this helps!

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20 de marzo de 2019

Hybrid duck in CT

A hybrid drake Tufted Duck X scaup sp was found in North Haven, CT, by someone I know. This is a state second, I thnk

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25 de marzo de 2019

European birds

As some of you know, I have been identifying birds from Europe. I quickly learned about Europe birds through looking at iNat photos, so I self taught myself about birds from Europe. Some birds, like Great Cormorant, common in Europe; overwinter on the East Coast of North America from Canada to at least New Jersey. So if I make ID mistakes with European birds, please feel free to tell me I tend to learn from my mistakes.

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