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21 de mayo de 2024

Marine Biology Observations

Jellyfish are equipped with a light source.
What could the light source be used for?
What is its purpose?
What is it called?

Jellyfish have tentacles with fluff.
What is the fluff for?
What is it made of?
What is its purpose?
What is it called?

Jellyfish can lose pieces of tentacles.
Are the tentacles and fluff not a part of the jellyfish’s body?
Can the jellyfish just automatically eject pieces of the tentacles when the pieces are dead?
Can the pieces die?
Can the jellyfish detect when a part of its tentacle is no longer alive/functioning?
Can the jelly pull the piece of tentacle off with another tentacle?
Are their tentacles like hair?

Manatees have little fish that eat the stuff off them.
What is the stuff on the manatees?
How does it get stuck to them?
What are the little fish called?
If algae floats, then how is it sticking to them and staying underwater?

Manatees belong to the order Sirenia which has siren in it!
Dugongs are in the order Sirenia as well as manatees. Manatees and other marine mammals have horizontal tails. The legendary mermaid also has a horizontal tail. Mermaids are half human (mammal) and half fish (fish) so could mermaids actually exist?
If mermaids do/did exist, would they belong to the order Sirenia as well?

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