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01 de septiembre de 2019

Brazos Bend SP

Went with husband, Scott, for a nature hike around Big Creek Loop at the north end of the park. Also counted numbers of bird species with eBird app, checklist: Logged these species, some of which I photographed with the long lens. Great day to be out!

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21 de septiembre de 2019

Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR

Attending a session for Rangeland Ecology and Ecological Concepts for the TXMN-CPC training class, Dr. Barron Rector helped with many plant ID's. In the field with nothing to 'write' with, I struggled to keep up, armed only with a smart phone. Dr. Barron Rector, TAMU ( said we saw over 50 species while out in the prairie ... clearly, I missed a few.

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