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03 de enero de 2021

Better Late Than Never - January 1st Birding (on the 2nd) Brazos Bend SP

Months ago, Scott and I reserved the only four-sided cabin (the others are screened) to spend three days and two nights birding our favorite Texas state park: Brazos Bend. Life got in the way of our first night, so we delayed checking in until late on the first. We hiked around Elm Lake as the sun went down, hoofed the last 2.0 miles back to the cabin in the dark. SUCH FUN! After a game of scrabble and a couple beers, we hit the sack in comfy semi-hotel conditions, with our 2" memory foam / hard foam mats and quiet surroundings.

After 6AM coffee, we packed up the gear and headed out to Hoots Hollow Trail on the other side of the park. That is where we found our two Birds of the Day: Winter Wren and Ash-throated Flycatcher. Off the trail, with boots wet and mucky make for the best birding, so we counted species and enjoyed watching everyone forage as the day began. It was very chilly ... my hands were stiff and frozen until the sun was fully up.

The second half of the count was around 40-Acre Lake where we found Black-crowned Night Herons and sparrows galore. A lone female Gadwall was a surprise find, while we searched high and low for Rusty Blackbirds (didn't find a single one). Hearing the Sandhill Cranes flying overhead was a welcome sound; cold and breezy, our trail walks were solitary with the masses most likely lining up to enter the park.

On the way out late morning, the line of cars stretched 1/2 mile back. It's smart to arrive early to this gem of a park!


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