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05 de abril de 2021

Finding Refuge on Easter -- San Bernard NWR

The Spring TMN class half done now, it was time Scott and I reconnected with some nature spaces for a bit before the rigors of school and administration start back up again. It's going to fast-paced here all the way through April.

The TMN's Cradle of Texas did a fabulous job building boardwalks and seating areas at Bobcat Woods. I cannot say enough about their wonderful work during the pandemic! Pete and Peggy Rompf's photos are on every interpretive sign ... it's as if they're still here and never moved away to California. (We miss you, here in Texas!)

Having woken with a body time clock at 5:00 AM, we hit the road at 6:00 AM and headed to Quintana Bird Sanctuary. We'd heard some great things about migrants having arrived there in the past week. Hooded Warbler and Northern Parula were expected, but the Worm-eating Warbler kept pretty much to himself, seen but not 'shot.' No one else was there, so we enjoyed the small sanctuary all to ourselves. Sadly, the birds weren't really there either.

So ... off to San Bernard NWR! That space is always reliable for some quiet and wildlife. Hiking along the levee of the waterway was great for insects and wildflowers, but while crouched shooting the blue-eyed grass, I broke the silence (said something to Scott) and apparently startled a large alligator who promptly slapped his tail as he 'escaped' me into the water, just a few yards away. (I won't tell him who was the most startled.)

It was refreshing to see that Least Grebe was still there, and a surprise sighting of Virginia Rail made our whole day (LIFER for me, 2nd sighting for Scott). But the yet unknown caterpillar, water snake, and chatty White-eyed Vireos were the highlight of our unplugged lunch break.

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