Syrphini - Northeastern USA/Canada

@upupa-epops and I are excited to share this guide to common Syrphini of the Northeastern USA/Canada! Questions, suggestions, and other reactions are appreciated.

To help improve identifications using this guide:,6883,13336,7289,7587,6853,9116,13,44,3,38,24,32,35,26,29,20,31,7,33,39,4,42,51,48,52339

Publicado por edanko edanko, 19 de mayo de 2020


Very nice. This will be helpful. Thanks for putting this together and sharing.

Publicado por amoorehouse hace más de 2 años (Marca)

Nice! This goes well with the Syrphid field guide I have. I'll need to take another stab at identifying more of these eventually.

Publicado por malisaspring hace más de 2 años (Marca)

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it will help me ID more of these beautiful flies and might even encourage me to get out and look for them more often.

Publicado por heatherpickard hace más de 2 años (Marca)

For any who remain unaware, I thought this might be appreciated:

Publicado por edanko hace más de 2 años (Marca)

Oh cool! I didn't realize you had expanded to do the rest of the tribes. I unfortunately don't have time to go through any syrphids right now, but good to know for the winter IDs

Publicado por malisaspring hace más de 2 años (Marca)

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