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29 de septiembre de 2022

Nature Walk; September 28,2022

For this nature walk, I went to the Pine Tree Reserve located on the edge of campus. The area was smaller than I had expected, but still contained lots of uncultivated wildlife. The weather was clear and the temperature was mild (around 65 degrees), which made the walk, and spotting organisms much easier. I noticed lots of different plants with different colored/sized leaves and many of them had small flowers growing from them. I couldn't distinguish whether the flowers growing from these plants were weeds or regular flower, but the species recommendations helped clarify these questions that I had. I noticed that most of the plants in this area had shorter stems and light to bright green stems/leaves. The plants themselves were fairly small, but seemed to be thriving in the environment. Within some of these plants, I noticed some mushrooms which also had shorter stems, and they appeared in bunches throughout the greens. As we enter fall and approach winter, I am sure there will be changes to the plants and animals in this area that will be interesting to observe/document.

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