October 18, 2022

Edmands Park Plant Walk- October 18, 2022

Today, I went for a walk around Edmands Park in Newton. It rained earlier, so the ground was still slightly wet, but the temperature was perfect for a walk. The plant life started off basic, just being trees, but the diversity increased the deeper I ventured into the woods. Shown in my observations are gymnosperms, or non-flowering seed plants, such as the many trees I came across. Also, I found quite a few angiosperms, such as American Pokeweed. These were easy to identify, since I just had to look for flowers or fruits. Additionally, I came across polypodiopsida, such as ferns. Finally, I did not find any bryophyta until I ventured more deeply into the woods. This is when I finally found tree-skirt moss, which prefers to grow on tree bark in slightly shaded and slightly moist conditions. This is because moss are nonvascular. Overall, it was so interesting how different types of plants were present in different areas of the woods, depending on the level of shade and moisture.

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October 06, 2022

Edmands Park Walk, Thursday October 6, 2022

This morning, I decided to wake myself up with a nice refreshing walk through the Newton Woods, also known as Edmands Park. The theme of this week was fungi, so the location was perfect, since the woods is full of interesting fungi. I was mostly looking at tree bark and under shaded areas, since this is where fungi were most prevalent. I constantly found lichen, which wasn't surprising for the woods environment I was in. There were many different types, so I'm curious of the interactions they have within the ecosystem. I also found plenty of moss on tree bark. Then, I found plenty of fungi that looked similar to mushrooms. This reminds me of how fungi prefer this shaded, moist, oak area, so I feel very lucky to have such diversity so close to my dorm. Overall, I really enjoyed observing the diversity of fungi and plants on my morning walk.

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September 29, 2022

Edmands Park Walk- September 29, 2022

Today I went for a walk for about 30 minutes in the woods/park next to Newton campus. It was a sunny day, but the trees offered shade in various areas. I began in an open clearing, which consisted of many interesting plant species. Then, I wandered further into the woods along a trail, which had many benches to sit on as well as hills and creeks to explore. In this deeper woods area, I found many fungi as well as different insects, such as spiders (not photographed). I did not find many animals, though, except for a few passing squirrels. Most of these animals and insects I found would not be interacting, and they all were simply doing their own thing. Overall, this was the perfect weather to walk due to the sun and the slight breeze, and I enjoyed the scenery of the trees in Edmands Park. It was especially interesting seeing all of these different aspects of the phylogenetic tree of life in nature, since I encountered various types of species. The plant diversity offered a unique look to the landscape, especially.

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