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August 07, 2020

Friday, August 7th: Weekly Highlights

Happy Friday, nature lovers!

We had some amazing observations this week. Together, we've observed 69 species. The most observed species so far is the beautiful monarch. We have photos of monarchs as caterpillars and butterflies. Now let's see if we can photograph a monarch egg and chrysalis! Be sure to check any milkweed plants you see to find monarchs in these different life stages.

Keep up the awesome adventures!

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August 14, 2020

Friday, August 14th: Weekly Highlights

Happy Friday, Friends!

Our project now has 89 observations of 76 different species! Way to go.

Shout out to jackst for two awesome observations of water lilies. These are perfect examples of plants that grow in water. They aren't just beautiful, they also provide food and shelter to fish and other wildlife.

We have two observations of a mischievous mammal, the White-tailed Deer. Have you ever seen deer tracks? They are shaped like a heart. This week I challenge you to be on the lookout for animal tracks and signs. Share your observations!

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August 21, 2020

Friday, August 21st: Weekly Highlights

Hello nature lovers,

I am excited to report that we have observed 101 different species so far! From insects, to snakes, to mushrooms, to much diversity!

Naturalistanne submitted an observation of a Slowpoke Moth. Such a silly name! The name is actually a description of the caterpillar, which is slow-moving and will play dead when threatened. What is your favorite plant or animal name?

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August 28, 2020

Friday, August 28th: Weekly Highlights

Good morning nature lovers,

We are up to 139 observations of 115 species...amazing!

One of my favorite plants was observed by jackst this week, Jewelweed. It is a beautiful plant, beneficial to pollinators, and can be used to relieve itching from poison ivy! If you hold a Jewelweed leaf underwater, it transforms from green to a shimmery silver as it repels the water.

Keep those observations rolling in as the summer is winding down. Also, remember to help identify observations from others if you know what they are!

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