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29 de septiembre de 2022

1st Nature Walk

The nature walk I went on was to Pine Tree Preserve which is the small hill overlooking the reservoir on campus. It was just before sunset when I decided to go on my walk so the clouds were a pinkish color and it was a nice temperature outside. I went with a friend in the class and we were surprised at how peaceful it was at the top with the sun streaming through the trees. To continue the walk, we went down the other side and walked a short distance around the reservoir, noticing various wild pieces along the way. I was interested by the fact that there were so many different biodiverse organisms in a seemingly homogenous place. When you first look, it appears to just be a hill with green plants but I was surprised to find other plants and organisms like the purple flowers and mushrooms. Similarly, near the reservoir, the American pokeweed species was very interesting as it looked exactly like grapes to me. All in all, it was a peaceful and interesting walk.

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