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During these COVIDian times, lots of imagined projects are being completed. One I had imagined, largely to clean up old entries from my first few years on iNaturalist, was to go through my entire history on iNat in chronological order. I have now completed this project. A few observations before the hard core statistics.

First, other people have been busy during COVID-time too! The degree to which my 'easier' observations (birds, mammals with photos, common odes, lizards, etc.) have been taken to Research Grade is positively fantastic - well above 95%.

Second, I can really tell those moments when I developed interests in particular taxanomic groups. It was like seeing a new color added to stitch work.

OK, so here are the statistics that I tracked:

"Categorical Big Days" (at least 60% of the Thirteen Categories)

Days with Eight Categories - 67
Days with Nine Categories - 49 (116 cumulative)
Days with Ten Categories - 15 (131 cumulative)
Days with Eleven Categories - 9 (140 cumulative)
Days with Twelve Categories - 3 (143 cumulative)
Days with Thirteen Categories - The Holy Grail still shines - ZERO!

Days with over 100 observations
100-109 - 25 Total 25 Cumulative
110-119 - 23 Total 48 Cumulative
120-129 - 13 Total 61 Cumulative
130-139 - 11 Total 72 Cumulative
140-149 - 9 Total 81 Cumulative
150-159 - 4 Total 85 Cumulative
160-169 - 5 Total 90 Cumulative
170-179 - 1 Total 91 Cumulative
180-189 - 1 Total 92 Cumulative
190-199 - 1 Total 93 Cumulative
200-209 - 0 Total 93 Cumulative
210-219 - 2 Total 95 Cumulative

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What would be an elusive 13th category?

Publicado por catchang hace casi 4 años

Nice work. Your Categorical Big Days is very intriguing. Was there a good way to filter for this in a script or did you need to do this manually?

Aside, a couple of neurons fired in my brain and I thought of Kant's Categorical Imperative

Publicado por brewbooks hace casi 4 años

I am more of a Hume-orist and Young Hegelian than a Kantian, @brewbooks ! But I do teach Kant's Categorical Imperative, and thought of it while naming this exercise! There was no good way to filter for it, aside from eliminating all days when I logged fewer than ten entries. But since I was going through in order (and, going forward, I will be able to log these as they happen), it seemed to make sense to track them now. The "Calendar" feature makes it easy enough to find days of more than 100 observations, of course.

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 4 años

@catchang - it varies, but the most likely to be missed are the Slime Molds and the Chromista. The deep irony is that one of my twelve category days included time at a beach, but I didn't bother to iNat a Mollusk! CRAZY! OH! The one that got away!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 4 años

That is fantastic @gyrrlfalcon ! I never thought about knocking out a 13 category day, and I believe I've only broken 100 observations in a day twice. I look forward to hopefully working on some of these records with you in the not-to-distant future! :-)

Publicado por rjadams55 hace casi 4 años
Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 4 años

And I'd love to plan a 13-category Big Day with you. Getting to a beach makes things much easier, because you can generally knock out Chromista, Mollusk, Other Animals (crabs, sharks, etc.), and Fish (if lucky). That leaves only the Amphibians and Slime Molds as tricky (provided you have a go-to for reptiles - a pond with turtles or being in Western Fence Lizard season!).

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 4 años

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