August 24, 2020 Longridge Park

In light of the continuing heat I was looking for some place close to go. I don’t like driving so far to only be out for an hour. I found a tiny pocket park in Sherman Oaks called Longridge Park so I thought I’d give it a try. It is basically an open area on a ridge with canyons on either side. Even at a small size and with a very short trail, I was able to find a few things. And in addition to what I posted, I saw or heard the following (no photos) A Cooper’s hawk, a rabbit, a couple of swallows, several dragonflies and I heard coyotes yipping in the distance,. I also saw a displaying Allen’s hummingbird...seems late in the year for that but two red tails flying near by also we’re doing a display. No spectacular finds but got a nice photo of a young mourning dove. They have very nice wing patterns when they’re young.

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Huilota Común (Zenaida macroura)




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Longridge Park
A young one


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