The Cecropia

Cecropia is an interesting genus, opportunistic in some situations, pioneer in others. This is due to the fact that their seeds germinate and the species develops under sunshine.
When one has new soil, for example a silting of a lake or in the margin of a river, the Cecropia has advantage over other species. This also occurs when a clearing is opened in the woods due to the fall of one or more trees, allowing the insolation to reach the ground. Cecropia survive on poor soils and are part of the early stages of ecological succession.

On the other hand, its life can be short because, providing shade for the growth of other species that do not develop under insolation in the first stage, it is surpassed in height and, consequently, shaded, which causes it to perish. Typically, in the forest, the life of Cecropia lasts for about twelve years.
Many individuals of the genus Cecropia live in symbiosis with ants, which inhabit the hollow of their stems and, in turn, protect them from insects that try to feed on their leaves.
Moreover, the fruits of Cecropia are appreciated by several species of birds, and its leaves are part of the menu of the sloth and the howler monkey.

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