Report of the "April Fool's Day 2019 - BioBlitz"

The project dealt with some species that camouflage themselves in the environ or mimic others as their way to survive, fooling us also.
A simple, basic, statistics, ilustrates how dificult is to observe them.
For birds, Nightjars and Nighthawks, there were only 6 observations including 4 different species. In the same period, there were 10,811 observations of birds of 1,195 different species.
Related to Arachnids, looking for the Cyclosa conica and the Misumena, there were only 5 observations of 2 different species, while, in the same period there were 1,525 observations of arachnids of 295 different species.
Finally, looking for Katydids and Stick insects, one got 101 observations of 28 different species, while, in the same period there were 11,403 observations of 2,846 species of insects.
The species choosed for this project are globaly spread, and the observations came from all the continents (except Antarctic).
They are as fascinate species as difficult to observe them.

Notice: the quantities of observations and species were consulted on April 2nd, 15:55GMT, it is possible to increase as more observations are uploaded, but the dramatic difference must remain.

Posted on 02 de abril de 2019 by nelson_wisnik nelson_wisnik


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