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18 de febrero de 2016

Shelburne Bay

I went birding down at Shelburne bay on Thursday February 18th. It was about 20 degrees, windy, but very sunny and clear. As soon as i got out of my car, I observed several House Sparrows chirping in the bushes. In a tree near to the water, i also observed a flock of starlings, which were chattering quite loudly. On the water i was able to observe flocks of mallards, common goldeneye, and mergansers which seemed to be feeding or socializing near the ice. I identified them with my binoculars. Right before i left i noticed a large bird flying far out above the lake. When i found it in my binoculars i could clearly see the white head and tail that identified it as a bald eagle. It was a great end to a beautiful day birding!

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