10 de noviembre de 2015

November rains and the NSW west

Some 50mm of rainfall over much of NSW in the first week of November has ruined many wheat crops, but stimulated cicada emergences. On a recent weekend trip to Coonabarabran, we managed to catch a range of species including;

  1. small treetop ticker (Yoyetta sp, 475 female) at light in the caravan park
  2. Pauropsalta notialis incitata (same spot at light)

and in the Warrumbungles

  1. Sydney ticking ambertail (489), lots about
  2. Chelapsalta puer (Cassinia cicada) lots about
  3. Bassian buzzer- Myopsalta 286- loads about
  4. Sandstone squeaker (417)
  5. southern ticking ambertail (484), first records
    Heard the first few Red-eyes (Psaltoda moerens) and quite a few 'wavering buzzers" (294). Green Grocers were in full voice around Faulconbridge on the way home on 9 Nov.

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