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06 de febrero de 2020

One month in (or thereabouts)

Moving into February, somehow I'm still ahead of the 6 species per day pace needed. But the inevitable slowdown hit around the middle of January. The easy species come quickly, but once you've added Canada Geese and Mallard, you have to look that much harder. Still, as of February 5, the count is at 231, with a few things I'm hoping for help on -- that's pretty much a given, I think. A few previous engagements have also slowed things down, most notably 3 days out of the county for the Starved Rock Bald Eagle days, and of course the start of the spring semester 3 weeks ago.

Some of the more interesting recent observations, to my thinking, are the small shrew I photographed yesterday at Rollins' Savanna (dead, unfortunately, just like most of my shrew photos), the Illinois Bundleflower and Narrow-leaved Cattail at College of Lake County, and the Eastern Screech-Owl that likes to greet visitors at Illinois Beach SP.

I really should give a big thanks to everyone who takes the time to help ID things -- both for the site as a whole, and for my project here. The site wouldn't be nearly as impactful without the time spent looking at everyone else's stuff.

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