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02 de marzo de 2020

March update

Two months in, and the total stands at 283, well behind the 360 that a 6 species/day pace requires. But given that all of the Lake County records I could find for January and February totaled only 200, I'll take it, relying on summer bugs to start making up the difference. On that note, sunny skies and SW winds brought very nice temps today (March 1), and with them, a few flies and a midge (that one didn't get photographed) to go along with the mosses and lichens that have been the easiest things to look for recently. A few migrants have started back into the area, with Red-winged Blackbirds scattered across the landscape like scouts for the main force. The last day of February did bring a couple of surprising birds, including a Merlin headed north at their usual frantic migration pace, and a very vocal Tufted Titmouse, always a difficult bird to find in most of the county.

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