BC Liverworts Not Yet Observed in iNaturalist System

Comparing the official list of BC liverworts to those documented in the iNaturalist system, I came up with this list of 66 species that have yet to be captured on iNat. Many of these species are hypermaritimeor wet coastal (Haida Gwaii, Central Coast, Western Vancouver Island, Prince Rupert), high alpine (2000+m) , far northern (top 1/2 of BC) or east facing in the rockies. I am annotating them in places where I have something to add.

x= leafy
y= thallose

Anastrepta orcadensis x, wet coastal
Anastrophyllum donnianum x, wet coastal
Anastrophyllum michauxii x, far north and rockies
Arnellia fennica x, far north and rockies
Calycularia laxa y, SW BC + NW BC-- Like Pellia but with scales above and below
Calypogeia neesiana x
Calypogeia suecica x
Cephalozia ambigua x
Cephalozia macounii x
Cephaloziella hampeana x
Cephaloziella phyllacantha x bogs amongst sphagnum
Cephaloziella rubella x possibly misreported so geographic range uncertain
Cephaloziella varians x
Dendrobazzania griffithiana x big, hypermaritime, known from NW coastal areas
Fuscocephaloziopsis catenulata x
Gymnomitrion commutatum x alpine
Gymnomitrion corallioides x alpine
Gymnomitrion pacificum x wet coastal of Brooks Penninsula and Haida Gwaii
Gymnomitrion revolutum x far north mountains
Haplomitrium hookeri x subalpine steep slopes in late snow melt areas
Herbertus hawaiiensis x coastal tundrascapes
Herbertus himalayensis x coastal tundrascapes
Jungermannia borealis x Lynn Canyon, Monashee Mtns
Jungermannia polaris x Rockies
Lepidozia sandvicensis x Prince Rupert & Central Coast down to Jervis Inlet
Lophozia ascendens x mostly interior but frequently misidentified
Macrodiplophyllum imbricatum X mostly coastal but also Smithers area
Macrodiplophyllum microdontum x entire coast of BC
Macrodiplophyllum plicatum x entire coast of BC
Mannia pilosa y = interior and rockies
Marchantia romanica x high alpine
Marsupella apiculata x alpine
Marsupella boeckii x alpine
Marsupella sprucei x alpine
Mesoptychia badensis x rockies
Mesoptychia collaris x rockies
Mesoptychia rutheana x rockies
Mesoptychia sahlbergii x rockies
Moerckia flotoviana y along drainage often considered synonymous of Moerckia hibernica
Nardia insecta x alpine
Nardia japonica x alpine
Neoorthocaulis binsteadii x rockies
Pellia columbiana y SW BC along muddy creeks and drainage. Like Pellia neesiana but with antheridia and archegonia on same plants
Plagiochila arctica x far northern
Plicanthus hirtellus x huge bushy and NW Coastal
Radula prolifera x Far northern
Riccia rhenana y in swamps, ponds and backwaters, aquatic
Scapania brevicaulis x
Scapania curta x
Scapania cuspiduligera x
Scapania hians x
Scapania hollandiae x
Scapania irrigua x
Scapania kaurinii x
Scapania mucronata x
Scapania ornithopodioides x
Scapania paludicola x
Scapania simmonsii x
Scapania spitsbergensis x
Solenostoma hyalinum x
Solenostoma obscurum x
Solenostoma sphaerocarpum x
Sphenolobus saxicola x on rock far NW corner of BC
Tritomaria exsecta x SW BC subalpine, also in Kootenays and Haida Gwaii
Tritomaria quinquedentata x subalpine across the whole province.
Tritomaria scitula x semiaquatic around falls and wet rocks Fraser Valley & Interior

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