Mothing Equipment

Here is info about mothing equipment my mothing buddies and I have been using this summer.

If you have an older smartphone with one lens or one without a macro lens, this clip-on 15x magnifier is great:
Xenvo Pro Lens Kit - Good clear close-up photos get better id's. Use the macro lens with the selfie ring light below.

Selfie Ring Light - When you get close to the insect, the phone blocks the light. Use the ring light to eliminate shadows on your subject. Be sure to get model XJ-19 because the clip on the other one doesn't fit. At the moment, this product appears to be out of stock, but hopefully will be back soon. The battery only lasts a couple of hours, so you might want to get two if you start mothing a lot.

To use the two together, hold the ring light in one hand with the light side facing up and open the clip.
I like to hold it open with a little twist-tie. Hold the Xenvo clip with the other hand, lens platform facing up (no lens attached). Open the Xenvo clip and clip it around the ring light's bottom half. Attach the Xenvo macro lens to its platform and now you're ready to clip the whole thing to your phone. If your phone has multiple camera lenses, see for instructions on how to determine which lens to use.

For the light station, you'll need a reflective surface for insects to land on and light(s).
I like to use full-size bed sheets for portability. You can also use duck cloth (not canvas). Bed sheets are light and easy to set up but need to be secured well if it's windy. Duck cloth is much heavier, so flaps less, but needs much sturdier support (think porch columns or steel posts). I usually hang my sheet on a pair of double shepherd's hooks with a 6' garden pole across the top and attach the sheet with clothespins.

You can also drape your sheet on the side of a vehicle and attach with 25mm magnets:

You can also use a white opaque rain barrel! The 35-gallon size will fit in a small sedan. Hang one or two (recommend two) UV light bars inside, attached to portable charger on top. Stuff the bung hole with something, like a sock, so you don't collect critters inside. Ours were acquired from Galveston Bay Foundation at their rain barrel sales.

USB UV light bar:

I recently bought a UV light from and really like it. It's not USB so you'll need a portable power station for it,

For more equipment suggestions, see sambiology's journal post of July 14, 2023:

For general mothing how-to's, go to and check out their Finding Moths tab. There is even a series of short videos in Video Library.

Where to go? Any place with lots of native plants, and the less light pollution the better. Be sure to check out your own backyard! Have fun!

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Great info - thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for this nat! I am finally getting around to purchasing.

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