October 19, 2022

Plant Nature Walk in Pine Tree Preserve

I did my nature walk in pine tree preserve. It was windy and the weather was around 55 degrees. There are lots of gymnosperms in this preserve because there are so many pine tree. There were also a lot of ferns which are examples of seedless vascular plants. There aren't that many flowering plants and most of them were starting to die due to the cold. Most of the moss that I found was around or inside tree trunks. Overall though I was easily able to find all of the four main groups of plants as well as some more fungi that I did not spot last time I was there.

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October 05, 2022

Nature Walk 2 in Pine Tree Preserve

Today the weather was a little cool(around 57 degrees Fahrenheit), cloudy, and drizzling. I saw a lot more animals compared to last time I was there including some squirrels, a chipmunk, a bird, and even a slug. Most of the fungi I saw was growing on tree stumps even though I did find some mushrooms as well. In class we learned that the rise of fungi can be dated back to the Paleozoic Era, about 440 million years ago. While microbes have diverse functions like oxygen production and nutrient cycling, I think that these fungi I observed were mostly decomposers because they were attached to tree trunks.

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September 29, 2022

Pine Preserve Nature Walk

I went to Pine Preserve for my nature walk. The weather was a little cold and windy, but sunny. The preserve has lots of large trees, weeds, large areas of flowering plants, and the ground in mostly covered in pine needles. The observations I took were of some of the pretty flowering plants I saw, a plant that I think is a small tree, and some fungi I saw growing on a tree trunk. Today in class we learned that the first Fungi can be dated back to the Paleozoic Era and the rise of flowering plants happened in the Mesozoic Era. I didn't see any animals or insects, but overall the plants were very nice to look at.

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