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April 22, 2022

xylaria hypoxilon forms 1.

the first [unnamed]form of xylaria has pink tinged antlering and is less common than the origen species. it has more spread out antlers than other x hypoxilon subspecies. it also seems to have a dusting of white underneath the pink.
as shown in this observation:
the second form of xylaria is called devils fingers fungus. it is not the stinkhorn that is commonly called devils fingers fungus so it should be called xylaria hypoxilon var devils fingers for lack of better name. it is too white tinged to be a dead mans fingers, but still has a small amount of black at the bottom.
it is shown in this observation:
the yellow version of xylaria hypoxilon is quite rare but is a existent variation. it is bright yellow with a whiteish black bottom,and is still powdery.
a observation of the yellow var:
the hatted version of x hypoxylon is a very cool variation in the genus. it has a stick like black stem fading to white with the antlering on the very top of the tiny stem! the top is usually slightly yellow.
a observation of the var is :
the tree var is a var that looks like a tree without leaves, with white powder covering the branches like snow.
a observation is:
santa tecla tree var. a var of the tree var found in santa tecla.
a observation of the santa tecla var is linked here:
flame var is a var which looks like a white fire on a black stem.
a observation is linked here:
the moth form has two small white antlers and two larger antlers in the shape of a moth.
a link:

for more info on xylaria see :

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April 25, 2022

snake xylaria

a var that has come to my attention today is the snake var of x hypoxilon.
it is long and has color variation. black at bottomish areas tinged with white that gradually starts to domanate the fungus to a yellow color at the top.
an observation:

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April 26, 2022

hairy var in xylaria polymorpha

the hairy var is a var of x polymorpa with small hairs on the stem and closer clusters than usual.
a link is:
see for info on the regular taxon to compare!

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