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May 13, 2022

One of the first observations of complex xylaria polymorpha

this is a complex that is not in the database,known as xylaria polymorpha.
the obervation (linked below) has a brown dusting instead of a white dusting.
it is not a faded specimen as far as i can tell. if i were to give it a species which i will like
i do for other xylaria species i would say that this should be called:xylaria polymorpha var Corylus fuscus.
idk how to add my vars to the internet,can i have some help?

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May 31, 2022

more on Xylaria Hypoxilon var Rosa Tincta

here is a profile for the pink variation of Xylaria Hypoxilon.

The rose xylara (xylaria hypoxilon var rosa tincta) is a type of xylaria found in the eastern us to Europe.
the xylaria has a faded pink color and a fatter antlering than other xylaria hypoxilon vars.
this var is rarer than ragular xylaria hypoxilon with at least 6 recordings [recorded as the complex]
this xylaria is usually recorded as the complex but i think it should be recorded as rosa tincta.
[if u want to record this just label the species as x hypoxilon complex than chat var rosa tincta]
an observation of this xylaria is linked below:

by sageost, TheKingOfChaos
sageost is a fandom editer, a naturalist and nitro typer who is on inatrualist to help with xylaria taxon changes that have not been made that he discovers on the site.his discord and nitro type nickname is TheKingOfChaos.

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