Back to ID'ing! :) Well... DFW area.

I had not done much ID'ing the past half year -- truth be told, I was a little burnt out from doing ID'ing after the city nature challenge. I know I'm not alone when I say that the growth of iNat can be a bit overwhelming. The growth is great, no doubt, but it's mighty hard to keep up!

Anyways, I'll be back to focusing on ID'ing -- mostly my local region (DFW metroplex).

We just past the 1 million mark for observations JUST in the DFW metroplex:

I use this identify form to go through the observations:

If I miss your observations, or if you want me to take another look, don't forget to tag me @sambiology ! :)

Publicado el 23 de enero de 2021 23:07 por sambiology sambiology


@sambiology -- thanks for your expertise and dedication! It inspires me to learn and do more. :-)

Publicado por jasmitch hace casi 3 años

Overwhelmed?...... Nah........... Lazy......... Yup... ha!

Publicado por oddfitz hace casi 3 años

Excellent! Don't forget us moth-ers just a bit south of you. We could use some ID attention, too. :)

Publicado por jcochran706 hace casi 3 años

Thank you sambiology for ID help. I appreciate it!

Sort of crazy, but I've had to learn to accept your ID"s--now I do! I am learning what I don't know all the time.

Publicado por beckymn hace casi 3 años

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