Year in Review -- soooo cool to see this data! :)

I love it when the iNat folks do the year in review. It's so awesome to see the stats for all of iNat in the year, and then to get the personalized results too.

Here are the site's stats for 2021 (so far!):

Here are my stats for this year:

It was another year of just doing Texas travels (hopefully next year I'll be able to go a bit more north than TX), but I'm really happy that I was able to observe lots of critters and organisms this year. So far, about 3700 unique taxa in around 16k observations. Fun! And the little daily streak continued for this year too -- I've been super lucky to get to go outside every day for the past several years to make iNat observations. :)

You should check out your stats for this year! How did you do?!? And the numbers are irrelevant when compared to the engagement -- hopefully you engaged with nature a bunch this year!!! :)

Posted by sambiology sambiology, December 11, 2021 01:54 AM


That’s pretty cool data! That’s great that you got out every day to observe. I beat 2020 this year and didn’t even try. 😂 I need to start observing more birds, beetles, odonates, and other arthropods next year though.

Posted by jaquiring 8 months ago (Flag)

So cool! You made the most of this silly year, Sam. More nature is the best thing about this pandemic...

Posted by jcochran706 8 months ago (Flag)

I agree with your comment, @jcochran706. iNat helped me keep my sanity this year.... I think....

Posted by connlindajo 8 months ago (Flag)

That is cool, thanks for sharing. And I saw you are #2 on the observation streak. Awesome!

Posted by jenmjess 8 months ago (Flag)

Very cool Sam. Congrats on the streak and hopefully our paths will cross again on another iNatathon. That trip was so great, and I hope another is in our future when we start traveling more.

Posted by muir 8 months ago (Flag)

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