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Just wanted to share a video I made for iNat to help get folks interested in iNat and the upcoming National Parks BioBlitz. @danielled83 is in it and look for a cameo from @robberfly! Some footage in the "grid" section was shot by Winn Brewer of Nat Geo.

Observe Nature with iNaturalist from iNaturalist on Vimeo.

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Great job!

Publicado por torres-grant hace más de 8 años

Agreed -- I really enjoyed that. I wish there were more iNat vids -- they're so effective to our 'video addicted society.' :)

Publicado por sambiology hace más de 8 años

Thanks guys! I'm working on another video about how to make an observation. Probably will be a little more dry than this one. Maybe an interview or two with iNat folks would be cool too...

Publicado por tiwane hace más de 8 años

Awesome -- let the community know when you have these up! :) Great work!

Publicado por sambiology hace más de 8 años

Great video!

Publicado por acollins hace más de 8 años

Nice job, Mr. Tony and even better @danielled83. I'll be waiting for my Screen Actor's Guild date rate check in the mail....

Publicado por robberfly hace casi 8 años

Thanks Liam!

Publicado por tiwane hace casi 8 años

We should've ago been pushing this video at the height of the Pokemon Go craze! In fact, now would be a great time, too. I've been reading that PG interest has already peaked. iNat could be promoted as the antidote for the post-Pokeman Go Blues! Why search for imaginary creatures when there are so much diversity in the real world? How about "The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction" and show images of strange, but real living things juxtaposed next to cartoon characters?

Publicado por torres-grant hace casi 8 años

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