Sandbar WMA

In Natural areas of Vermont (1964), Hub Vogelmann describes two areas, the "Sandbar Swamp White Oak-Silver Maple Forest" and the "Sandbar Marsh", both located in the state-owned Sandbar Waterfowl Area. Today the area is known as the Sandbar Wildlife Management Area.

I visited the Sandbar Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Milton on April 4, 2023. As you can see on the map linked above, most of the WMA is a wildlife refuge with no public access, and both of Vogelmann's natural areas are in the no-access zone. There's a fence around this area, with clearly written signage: "State Waterfowl Refuge: Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Trapping, and Trespassing PROHIBITED."

I was disappointed, but hey, I get it. The best way to protect the wildlife is to keep people out. I did, however, visit the open portion of the WMA and made a few observations.

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Thank you for the report on your explorations.

Publicado por tsn hace 6 meses

Thanks Tom!

Publicado por trscavo hace 6 meses

Dang! Dr. Vogelmann was my advisor & professor at UVM! Hub was the best and because of him, I switched my major to botany.

Dan Spaulding, Class of 1985

Publicado por danbadlands hace 5 meses

Dan, thanks for noting that!

Publicado por trscavo hace 5 meses

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