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11 de abril de 2022

White-flowered red trillium (update)

Trillium erectum L. is a species of flowering plant widely distributed across eastern North America. It is commonly called the red trillium based on the typical color of its petals but other petal colors are possible. In particular, two distinct taxa of white-flowered red trillium have long been known. The name Trillium erectum var. album (Michx.) Pursh has been variously applied to one or both of these taxa.

As of April 2022, Plants of the World Online (POWO) restricts the range of Trillium erectum var. album (Michx.) Pursh to eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, citing the Flora of the Southeastern United States as an authority. The occasional white-flowered red trillium found throughout the range of the species is no longer included in POWO’s concept of the taxon. The following article explains this taxon in more detail:

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29 de abril de 2022

Does it have mottled leaves?

It can be very difficult to identify a trillium based on leaves alone. However, it may be possible to identify the subgenus by asking the question: Does it have mottled leaves? If so, the trillium belongs to the subgenus of sessile-flowered trilliums (with one minor exception). Check out the following article for details:

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