23 de septiembre de 2022

Small resident birds

In our rural garden we are adjacent to native forest/ forest reserve/ national park and cattle paddock. In the houseyard we have planted a mix of native and exotic plants (avoiding invasive or freely self seeding). We have now established a range of pollinator & bird friendly flowering plants. We are replanting native fruiting trees as we remove invasive weeds like wild tobacco, lantana & privet.

We have a stable population of small birds that are permanent residents in the area. Every day I see:
-Lewin's honeyeaters, a small group are highly territorial & defend the garden vigorously
-Eastern yellow robins, a group of 4 come through together 3 brightly yellow and one muted.
-Variegated fairy wrens, a large group with at least 2 bright blue males and multiple dun coloured individuals are here at the moment. Nesting now, successfully bred last year. Appeared to be acting as decoy to draw me away yesterday? I haven't seen that behaviour here before.
-Scrubwrens, live outside the back door, build nests in the washing if it isn't brought in promptly and scold enthusiastically at anyone who exits the building. Nesting now.

The wrens and red-browed firetails move about in loose groups through the yard, orchard and adjacent paddocks and thick underbrush. Yesterday there were silvereyes in the mob too.

I'll post on other days about the forest birds, nomads and predators that move through.

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