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Hi! I am a conservation biologist working for Texas Parks and Wildlife. I'm a bird-nerd, GIS-enthusiast, opportunistic gardener, and eager sponge for more nature knowledge. You'll probably notice I'm not afraid to be wrong, as long as it means I'm learning something in the process.

I currently work as the state ornithologist and before that spent several years as a Texas Nature Trackers biologist. Before joining TPWD, I worked for several years for Audubon Texas as the Urban Conservation Program Manager on the Conservation Science team and at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center. Before that I was a graduate student in the Conservation Biology program at the University of Minnesota, working on my dissertation project using citizen science to study the impacts of urbanization on landbirds in an Important Bird Area in the Twin Cities. One of the common threads running through the work and study I've done is how we engage local human communities in creating spaces that support sustainable, resilient communities for both people and native ecosystems.

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