Zamurd Futuristics Pvt Ltd

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About Me : Explorer Naturalist and Amateur Passionate Farmer who is very much enthusiastic and want to upgrade Floriculture and it's Allied Sectors via Technology
Objectives : To carry out business of Cultivate, Process, Research and Development, refiners, stockists, agents, import, Export, Trade, Sale, Distribution, and Marketting, of all kinds of Hamalayan Flora, Herbs and Aromatic and Non aromatic plants and Trees, shrubs and Organic products like Vermicompost, FloroHerbal Remedies, Herbal Suppliments, Herbal Food, ornamental plants and Trees shrubs via BONSAI and KOKODEMA for the Futuristic site Upgradation of NATIONAL HIGHWAYs In perticular adding Environment aspect from our end Zamurd Futuristics Can provide its services for various associated ORGANIZATIONS and DEPARTMENTS and School, Colleges in Initiating Herbal Gardens and Landscaping of River Banks also againest project cost

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