Boris Eliseev

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Professional biochemist from Cantabria, Spain, working now on development of new medicines, and amateur entomologist.
Previously had experience in entomology (Dermaptera) and palaeoentomology (Meganisoptera of Permian period).
I am helping here with identification of Dermaptera species, especially in the Palearctic region (from Portugal to Japan), but also may help with ID for earwigs in Indostan region, South Africa and Australia.
Please note that my IDs might be incorrect if you have any doubt please add a comment with my name. If you want an explanation of my ID just ask me and I will try to come up with an answer in the following days.
My old pages of Dermaptera (earwigs) fauna of Russia and Ukraine on Fabian Haas (one of the most prominent specialists in the field) site for Dermaptera:

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