Sean Clifford

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I use iNaturalist to learn about the species around New Zealand - native and introduced. I'll observe anything I find of interest to me.
In terms of identification, I'm mostly self-taught through browsing observations, reading up on ID guides and sometimes scientific notes and papers. I feel confident in providing species level IDs to these taxa within NZ:

  • Bumblebees (Bombus)
  • Damselflies (Zygoptera)
  • Most Ladybirds (Coccinellidae)
  • Most Stink Bugs, Shield Bugs, and Allies (Pentatomoidea)
  • Some Birds (Aves)
  • Some Crabs

I'll also often put down coarse IDs on Unknown observations to help them get picked up by identifiers who are more familiar with that area than I am. This might be why you see a broad ID like "Plants" from me.
Call me out if you think I've made a mistake when IDing. Sometimes I branch out into unfamiliar territory. I'm generally quick to withdraw or respond on disagreeing IDs.

I also sometimes contribute code fixes in my spare time to the iNaturalist website. See here for my changes to this site.

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