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Andy is the Chief Ecologist at The Earth Partners and has 15 years’ experience working within diverse ecosystems for a wide array of project types. His current position places an emphasis of environmental restoration planning, stakeholder engagement, construction, planting, and ecological uplift assessment. Andy’s specialties include aquatic feature delineations and jurisdictional determinations, Clean Water Act permitting, threatened and endangered species identification and consultations, NEPA compliance, plant identification, and community classification. His favorite ecosystems to spend time in include longleaf pine savannas, coastal prairies, southern Appalachian forests, and the cloud forest of Costa Rica. His favorite bird is the gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) and favorite plants are beaksedges (Rhynchospora spp.). Andy takes a contemplative view toward nature exploration and might be the record-holder for slowest mile ever hiked.

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