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I am most familiar with Southern California's native, invasive, or cultivated herbs and shrubs. I do know some trees, but comparatively fewer. Feel free to tag me for ID help! I don't mind at all.

Did you know? The people who identify your observations are essentially volunteers. iNaturalist the organization only has about 10 employees; the rest of us are users like you.

Did you know? After I've put an ID on your observation, you are not supposed to hit the "agree" button unless you personally know the species and can provide evidence of your knowledge if asked. You do not need to push "agree" to approve/accept/acknowledge my ID, and if you wish to thank me you should do so in a comment. If you previously made an ID that you now feel is incorrect, use the "withdraw" function.

Did you know? Many identifiers use search filters to look for observations they know how to ID. For example, most of the time I do a search for kingdom Plantae, aka plants, because I don't know anything about birds or mushrooms or bugs! If you upload a flower photo, but you leave the "what did you see?" box blank, your photo will not come up in my search results. Basically if you leave your observation blank, fewer identifiers will see it and you'll be waiting longer for an ID. For that reason it's better if you do not leave the "what did you see?" box blank. Even if you don't know the exact species, select a higher level identification such as Plantae (plant) or Insecta (insects.)


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