August Jackson

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I work as the Interpretation Coordinator at Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, Oregon. I also work as an Instructor with the Oregon Bee Atlas, as a contract taxonomist, and as a contractor on interpretive design, specifically in the area of bees, native plants, and pollination. In a volunteer role, I am a past president and current board member of the Eugene Natural History Society.

My professional focus is in the taxonomy of Western North American bees, but I spend most of my time on iNaturalist identifying plants and lichens. I am particularly interested in the taxonomy of Brodiaea and Lomatium broadly and in the Saxifragaceae of the Pacific Northwest.

I recently led the Mount Pisgah Lichen Inventory Project, a novel community science project engaging volunteers in identifying lichen hotspots in a pollution-impacted region.

Please tag me in any identifications I've made for clarification or correction.

I'm Based in Springfield, Oregon but frequently travel for teaching and talks. I can be reached at

My guide to the bees of the Willamette Valley here:

My guide to common lichens of Mount Pisgah (good for Willamette Valley/Puget Trough/Georgia Basin) here:

You can find my photography at

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