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Hello, I'm Rob, 19 years old.

I love plants and birds in general, but I'm mainly interested in ferns.
Currently I'm documenting the variety of ferns in Belgium. I like all ferns equally, but my love goes to Dryopteris.
Although recently I've taken an interest in Polystichum.
I'd like to get to know everything about the Western North American species of Polystichum.
I also like digging into the affinis complex, It is amongst the most challenging ones out there, hence my interest.

I'm an intern at an Arboretum in Belgium, hence my love for plants.
I've always liked them, but I never used to go to forest to look at them.
Since 2021 though I can't think about anything else.
Obviously the goal of this is to find a rare or maybe even new fern for the country, but seeing all these beautiful ferns is probably even more rewarding.

You can notify me to ID any Dryopteris or Polystichum fern, I'm not saying I'm an expert, but I'll always try to come up with something.

I hope you have a lovely day after reading this.

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