Brian Ahern

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Born and raised in Tampa, Florida.. I've been an active outdoorsmen and interested in natural history since I was a little kid. Birding and fossil collecting were my primary natural history hobbies as a child. I'm still very much involved in Birding but am also keenly interested in Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damselflies. It is not unusual for me to drive across the state on short notice for the chance to see a rare bird or butterfly. I have been a eBird reviewer for the state of Florida since 2008 and also served both as a board member and secretary for the Florida Ornithological Society.

I'm a new user to iNaturalist (May 2022) and currently in the very long slow process of uploading all my photos and sightings from the past 25 years to the website. I'm also interested in helping to verify Bird, Butterfly and Dragonfly/Damselfly photos taken in Florida (and now California). My interest and experience with birds also includes all of the Americas especially the Neotropics.

In January of 2023, I moved from Tampa cross country to Santa Clara County California, about 40 minutes south of San Francisco. I'm excited to explore and learn a whole new region and all the strikingly different types of new habitats for me.

Always feel free to contact me either through this website or my email address:

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